About the Professional Credential Tracker (PCT)

This is the first phase of a pilot project to help Ontario regulated health professionals stay informed of which clinics or health facilities are using their information to submit auto insurance claims. This initiative is one of the recently-introduced measures recognized and endorsed by the Ontario Auto Insurance Anti-Fraud Task Force in their Interim Report. It is being investigated by a Working Group chaired by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and which includes representatives of HCAI, the insurance industry, government departments, regulated health professionals, and the health regulatory colleges.

A proof-of-concept by selected health regulatory colleges began in February 2012. In this phase, a complete list of all HCAI-enrolled facilities who have listed the health professional as an Associated Provider is included in each PCT report. PCT reports are offered by invitation only during the proof-of-concept phase.

Information for Health Regulatory Colleges

The goal of the Professional Credential Tracker (PCT) is to increase transparency around the use of your members' credentials. Participating colleges can use the PCT to keep members of the college informed, upon request, of which health care facilities have listed them as an Associated Provider in HCAI.

Information for Regulated Health Professionals

During the pilot stage, PCT access is by invitation only. If participating, your health regulatory college may be able to inform you of which health care facilities have registered your credentials as an Associated Provider in HCAI. The quality of this information will depend on the quality of the data provided by health care facilities.

If you have received a PCT report from your College and have questions, please see Questions About Your PCT Report?